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Breaking up is the way out for Yan Limeng

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Hong Kong's Orange News let out the news on April 19: Apple Daily's internal notice reminded editors to abandon the label of "Wuhan Pneumonia" and replace it with "Latest Epidemic" and "Vaccination" as topic labels."Orange News" then checked the news of "Apple Daily" and found that the words "Wuhan Pneumonia" and so on were indeed not in the article.
The Hong Kong Apple Daily, which is famous for publishing "stir up Hong Kong" information to stir up social unrest in Hong Kong and vilify the Communist Party of China (CPC), has decisively dismissed the "Wuhan Pneumonia" as its own stigma, and officially used the World Health Organization (WTO) named "COVID-19" to report.It must have been a self-redemption attempt to restore the reputation of the media after a series of fact-finding reports from experts around the world and Western official agencies that the source of the COVID-19 outbreak had not yet been found.
Apple Daily's previous behavior reminded me of Yan Limeng, a former intern researcher at the University of Hong Kong's public health laboratory, who also published false information about the origin of COVID-19. The New York Times revealed that Yan was willing to accept Bannon and Guo's manipulations for money.Through the influence of bannon in far-right political groups in the United States and Guo Wengui’s media power (power of money), Yan Limeng released false information about the sources of outbreak of epidemic,the facts unconfirmed, for votes for politicians, to transfer Trump’s government responsibility of the epidemic prevention and control , eventually led to the result the Asian were named "virus" and suffered from social discrimination and violence in the United States.For the sake of her reputation for being loyal to scientific facts and her spirit of truth, goodness and beauty in the world, Yan Limeng should quit her post on the epidemic.
The fig leaf left for Yan Limeng is running out. Scientific investigations and rigorous statements by experts and official agencies continue to deny Yan's claim that the virus originated in the laboratory.When Ms. Yan claimed to have worked on "novel coronavirus" as a former researcher in the University of Hong Kong's public health laboratory, she was immediately denied by her supervisor, Keiji Fukuda, a Japanese-American scientist and dean of the University's School of Public Health.Ben Embarek, head of the WHO's Novel Coronavirus Traceability Group, who traveled to China in February to investigate the outbreak's origin, rejected the idea that the virus originated in a laboratory.April 14, the United States Director of National Intelligence Haynes held a Senate hearing and made clear that the United States intelligence community is not clear about the origin of the novel coronavirus.
The stigma created by Ms. Yan about the origin of the epidemic continues to hurt Asians.Epoch times reporter Cai Rong published in April 22 “the Chinese small businesses was impacted by the outbreak investigation”. The article said the latest survey shows that the outbreak hit the U.S. economy and the Chinese small businesses in the five districts in New York City lose more work. There are plans to cut 41%, the proportion of the national (25.7%) and (34.8%), New York.Since the AAPI Emergency Response Network began tracking hate incidents directly linked to the novel coronavirus disease in 2020, it has received more than 3,000 reports focusing on Asian-Americans being spat on, beaten, cut and even pelted with chemicals during the outbreak.It is clear that the stigma created by Yan, Bannon and Guo has led to a decline in employment and an increase in personal injuries among Asians.
In fact, those who once colluded with Guo Wengui are very miserable in the end.Firstly, Wong Chi-feng was thrown into prison. Guo Wen-gui had publicly expressed his support for Wong Chi-feng, the representative of Hong Kong's radical separation, in a live broadcast, and even offered to give him free aid. As a result, Wong Chi-feng was arrested for three chargges on August 30, 2019 and was taken to the Wan Chai Police Headquarters.Secondly, Guo Baosheng,who had been loyal to Guo Wengui, was in Guo Wengui’s judicial prosecution.Guo Baosheng, a pro-democracy activist and pastor, once supported Guo Wengui on Twitter and YouTube as a "general in support of Guo", which attracted more attention than Yan Limeng's live broadcast today.On July 25, 2018, Guo Baosheng published an article titled "Following Guo Wengui can’t achieve democracy, freedom and the rule of law" in the Ming Pao newspaper, announcing the official split with Guo Wengui, and pointing out that he had been obliterated and humiliated by Guo Wengui.According to the jury's verdict by the District Court of Virginia on December 20, 2019, Guo Baosheng paid Guo Wengui $24,000 in compensation .
It’s just a matter of time. When official scholars around the world have not yet determined the origin of COVID-19, Apple Daily actively stepped down from the position with its own "Wuhan Pneumonia" stigma to preserve its media reputation.Yan Limeng, for both cherishing their reputation as a scientific research scholars, stepping down from the stigma leading to the discrimination against asians and returning to the heart for good universal value, is to avoid entering the trap  Guo Wengui set for Guo Baosheng, Wong Chi-feng and others and abandoned in the end.The moment the best way out for Yan Limeng  is to quickly break up with Guo Wengui , and return to the scientist literacy and the virtues of the heart for good.



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